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Protect the World as One Nation

By Aayan N Patel

The barren land,

The frothy waves, the objectionable sand

Imagine the acidic air,

 Inducing more than just a scare


This is a world of pain,

Everybody left to their own devices, nothing left to gain

Raging wars breaking throughout,

Fires and tsunamis, death without a doubt


Through greedy eyes of mankind,

We can see hatred, nothing, no nature to find

Pollutants, smoke, and trash,

The world is enduring a fatal gash


Time is running out

The Earth’s curse is an extensive drought

And now Earth is taking its own revenge,

A battle meant for the world to avenge


And all of these traumas will happen soon,

Impaling our planet like a deadly harpoon

Remember this message with my final breath,

Or the world will be held in endless death.


It’s now or never to save our Earth from endless termination,

To protect the world as all a nation. 

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