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A Meaningless Excercise

by Mandy

......One thing is certain: tonight the rain is black, like soot. I was walking under it and felt it beating black and particulate against my surface. Though you can never be certain. One moment the sky is dark. The next it changes. Any moment it changes. Sometimes I hold my breath counting how many seconds it takes to change. It is a meaningless exercise. It will always change, no matter how long it takes......

Dreams of Outlanders



every time we trespass in floral ties and birth certificates

umbrella-blessed against harsh winds or sunshine.


we have a way of protecting ourselves,

dematerializing the way stars do against nights of neon and insomnia


by Mandy

Sisphus Rebord

by Mandy

"......You are taken beyond your material being and your restricted greatness. You—”

 “You transcend,” I said.

“That’s right,” said Mr. Bai. “ I transcend.”

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